Can the iOS 11 Screen Recorder replace Jailbreak Screen Recorders?

Its a whole new idea ever since the first iOS 11 beta came arise last Monday June 5th. Can the native iOS 11 screen recorder really replace Ryan Petrich’s Display Recorder on Jailbreak? Well lets see what you think after I give you the run down of it. The iOS 11 screen recorder is really fantastic so far, although, its lacking essential features that professional mobile gamers really need. For example, the ability to record on device audio, customizable framerate and quality settings, being able to record in landscape mode and so on. Lets not read these and say the hell with it, its not worth ditching jailbreak. I’m only going off what I have seen so far in the first developer build of the firmware. Apple could have plenty in mind for the upcoming builds, maybe not being able to record in landscape just perhaps to be a simple bug? There’s all kinds of possibilities and theories of what Apple may have in mind. Sure, we may never see options for adjustable framerate or the quality of the video your recording but are these really necessary? The built in screen recorder can already record in quality of 720p which is plenty clear enough. We may also see built in-device audio recording as well in the coming updates.

Screen Recording

Overall, in my honest opinion I believe this screen recorder could really be a replacement if Apple does make the changes as I’ve listed above. I’ll keep this article updated with any updates Apple may throw our way in the future for the screen recorder.

But for now, Hunter is signing off. Peace! ✌️


My New Favorite Game

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I was just scrolling through the AppStore, and found a new game for me, but older to the AppStore! The game is called Pocket Planes! Pocket Planes is an 8-Bit game, that allows you to manage your own Airline! The game is free on the AppStore, and very fun to play! Continue reading “My New Favorite Game”

First Impressions: iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

Hello everyone! How are you?

Just the other day, I had the opportunity to pick up the 9.7 inch iPad Pro! The main reson I wanted this over the bigger version of the iPad Pro is because I was aslo able to pick up the 12 inch MacBook! You can read about that article by clicking here.
The main reason I wanted to get this iPad Pro was because of the power it is able to pack! Right now, I am really hoping iOS 10 is going to be able to show the true power the iPad Pro has! Continue reading “First Impressions: iPad Pro 9.7 Inch”

iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1

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Just a little earlier today, Apple pushed out iOS 9.3.3 beta 1 to developers! This beta comes in at 1.4 GB on my iPhone 6s Plus! The only things mentioned within this beta is bug fixes!  Continue reading “iOS 9.3.3 Beta 1”

Wallpaper Sunday. Part 56.

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Sorry for the lack of articles these past weeks! I have been super busy with school, and getting ready for the end of the year! Anyways, this Sunday, I have some amazing wallpapers in the lineup! These wallpapers will be coming from! is a wallpaper website that has been offering high quality, stunning, and amazing wallpapers for some time now! Make sure to click the “Read More” tag to see the wallpapers! Continue reading “Wallpaper Sunday. Part 56.”

Going Hand in Hand

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Recently, I wrote an article all about the use of an iPhone. One thing I touched on was the software. In this article, I really want to hit some main points about iOS, and why it is my favorite operating system.
When you first turn on an iOS device, you are greeted with an amazing setup process! The setup will run you through setting up your AppleID, iMessage, and much more! Once you are through the setup, you are ready to dive into a fantastic operating system!
The greatest thing about iOS in my opinion is, the way the devices work hand-in-hand. I enjoy how I am able to get a text on my iPhone, and it come through to my iPad! I enjoy how I am able to be writing this exact article on my iPhone, then move over to the iPad, and pick off right where I left off!
Working hand-in-hand is a fantastic feature for iOS devices. Apple uses a feature they call continuity! Continuity is a feature that allows you to pick off exactly where you left off on all your devices that are connected! To read more about continuity, click here.
When using an iOS device, you will find that a lot of stuff goes actually goes hand-in-hand! In my opinion, it is one of Apple’s singatutre featues within iOS!
Overall, I think iOS has a lot going for it! I enjoy all the features Apple has been able to add over the years! Make sure to let me know which operating system you enjoy using, and why by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here.

Wallpaper Sunday. Part 54.

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I went on the hunt for the best wallpapers I could find! I turned to my normal wallpaper websites, but just could not seem to the “best” wallpaper! I asked some friends which wallpapers they would use, and I would like to share with you all the top three! These wallpapaers are coming from this Sunday! Make sure to click the “Read More” tag to see the wallpapers! Continue reading “Wallpaper Sunday. Part 54.”

iOS 9.3.1

Hello everyone! How are you?

Earlier today, Apple published iOS 9.3.1 to the public! This new update is said to be fixing the safari bug that was found within iOS 9.3. This bug was causing Safari crashes when users would click on a link with Safari on iOS 9.3
So far, this seems to be the only major fix right now in iOS 9.3.1! I will continue to update this post if any other changes are found!
Make sure to let me know how this update helps, or does not help you by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here.

Apple Store Is Down!

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In just about 5 hours, Apple will be holding their “Let Us Loop You In Event”! This event is set to be home of the iPhone SE, a smaller iPad Pro, and some new software!
When the Apple Store goes down, it most likely resembles that we will be seeing some new products come out today!  Continue reading “Apple Store Is Down!”

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