Building A Custom PC

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I have been looking into custom pc builds! I have alwasy been a Mac user, but I really thought it would be fun to get into making custom PC computers! I kept searching around, and fnally came up with a PC build!  Continue reading “Building A Custom PC”


Are You Ready For The Next iPhone?

Hello everyone! How are you?

More and more rumors are coming out daily about the next iPhone. It is going to be called the iPhone 8? Is the fingerprint sensor going to be on the back of the device? What screen size will it have? These are the questions that the rumors and leaks are trying to answer.  Continue reading “Are You Ready For The Next iPhone?”

Where is Apple Headed?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I was asked where I thought Apple was headed? The question took me for shock for a second, and my immediate answer was, “I think Apple is headed uphill instead of down!” The reason I answered this? Well, Apple in constantly innovating in my opinion! Continue reading “Where is Apple Headed?”

My Thoughts: macOS Sierra

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I loaded up macOS Sierra on my 12 inch MacBook! macOS Sierra is brining a lot of new changes to the Mac platform, and I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts about the new software! Continue reading “My Thoughts: macOS Sierra”

iOS 10 on the iPad

Hello everyone! How are you?

Just recently, Apple introduced iOS 10 beta 3 to developers! Ever since the iOS 10 beta came out, I was really wanting to try it on my iPad! The one thing holding me back? No one had really reported on what it was like using iOS 10 on the iPad!  Continue reading “iOS 10 on the iPad”

Do I Prefer Beta Software?

Hello everyone! How are you?

Beta software has become very popular lately with iOS 10, and watchOS 3 beta! Personally though, I actually prefer using these betas! I feel like Apple has actually made these betas “daily driver” worthy! iOS 10, and watchOS 3 have both been treating me very well during my time using them! I will admit, it was kind of rough using the first beta that came with the software, but now that Apple has issued beta 2 for both softwares it is a much better experience!  Continue reading “Do I Prefer Beta Software?”

Working with the OnePlus 3

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I switched to the OnePlus 3 as my daily driver! So far, the phone has been treating me well, and I love using the device! In fact, this entire article is being written on the OnePlus 3!  Continue reading “Working with the OnePlus 3”

Skin, or Case?

Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry for not articles there for a bit, I got caught up doing some family stuff!
This article, I would like to talk to you all about cases, and skins for your device! When many people put a case on their phone, I feel like their first thought is, “This is protecting my phone, but it is taking away the beauty of it!”  Continue reading “Skin, or Case?”

Using iCloud Drive

Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I have gone away from Google Drive, and all the other cloud services to try out Apple’s iCloud Drive! Overall, my usage of iCloud Drive has been fair, and I really like the service!  Continue reading “Using iCloud Drive”

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