Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple has just closed out their keynote for WWDC 2015 and I would like to share with you what all was announced.

The first announcement was, OS X El Capitan! El Capitan is mainly focused on speed and stability! The new OS X will be releasing to developers today as long with a public beta coming in July! The actual release of the new OS will be coming in the fall!

The next announcement was iOS 9. iOS 9 is also focused on stability and the user end experience! iOS 9 is also focused on battery life. Apple has introduced a new feature that will allow your iPhone to get an extra 3 hours of battery life by tapping on the toggle switch! Along with iOS 9, all devices that are able to run iOS 8, will be able to run iOS 9!

Another announcement that came from WWDC 2015 was, watchOS. The main feature in watchOS is native apps. watchOS is also focusing on stability improvements just like all the other OS versions that were announced at WWDC today!

The last and final announcement that came from WWDC today was AppleMusic. AppleMusic is Apple’s all new music service! AppleMusic will be $9.99 a month but, Apple has said that the first 3 months will be free! AppleMusic has tons of new features and to check them all out you can click here.

To get more information ont he keynote, you can click here! I If you watched the keynote, be sure to let me know your thoughts about it by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!