Apple Announces WWDC Dates

Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple has just announced WWDC dates! This year, WWDC will kick off on June 4. The conferecne will kick off in San Jose, California.

WWDC is said to be where Apple is going to introduce the next version of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS! Make sure to let us know what you think is going to come out of WWDC by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter page! Have a great day everyone!

iOS 11.3 Beta 5 Released

Hello everyone! How are you?

iOS 11.3 beta 5 has just been released to developers! So far, iOS 11.3 is bringing a plethora of changes to iOS!

Continue reading “iOS 11.3 Beta 5 Released”

Portable Battery Base for your Google Home!

Smart assistants are great but what’s even better is being able to move it freely around your house with the Loft battery base.

The Google Home is a great voice assistant and sometimes I just wish I had more than one for multiple rooms. With this battery base, there’s no reason to have to spend the money on another. For $50, you get the portable battery base that will allow you to unplug it, and move it around your house. The portable battery will last you 8 hours and it charges using the same cable as the Google Home.

This is a genius product that is really useful if your an owner of the Google Home. Check it out here.

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Snapchat & Instagram remove Giphy integration due to racial slur sticker

We saw earlier this year, Instagram and Snapchat added native support for Giphy, a popular service for GIFs. It allowed users to add animated stickers to their posts and stories. It’s a different story now. Continue reading “Snapchat & Instagram remove Giphy integration due to racial slur sticker”

Wallpaper Sunday. Part 155.

Hello everyone! How are you?

It is Sunday, and you all know what that means! This Sunday, we are going to be returning back iPhoneXPapers for the wallpapers! iPhoneXPapers has been offering amazing wallpapers for quite some time now, and we really enjoying featuring there here! Continue reading “Wallpaper Sunday. Part 155.”

Apple has updated its famous ‘Made for iPhone’ branding for accessories and products

Hello! Apple’s Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) licensing program is being updated with a brand new branding logo for manufactures to use and adopt over the coming months. Continue reading “Apple has updated its famous ‘Made for iPhone’ branding for accessories and products”

First developer preview of Android P released yesterday

Google, yesterday, launched the first developer preview for Android P. There are several features that might make it feel similar to iOS users. The new release packs suppose for iPhone X style notches, redesigned notifications menu and quick settings toggles, and lots more. Continue reading “First developer preview of Android P released yesterday”

New Apple Watch challenge for International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. While this post is a bit late, I’d thought we should let you know about the new award you can win on your Watch. If you double your Move ring today, you’ll earn a cool looking medal on your Activity app and a set of theme stickers in the Messages app!

Unfortunately, if you lower your Move goal, it wont count if you double that. My Move goal is 400 calories so I would need to break 800 to earn the award. It’s pretty cool that Apple gives Watch owners a chance to earn cool new awards on special days like these.

Are you going to double your Move goal today?

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Apple Park now has stickers to prevent workers from walking into glass walls and injuring themselves

Cupertino building official Albert Salvador last year visited Apple Park and was concerned about the possibility of employees walking into class walls that were nearly found everywhere in the campus. Continue reading “Apple Park now has stickers to prevent workers from walking into glass walls and injuring themselves”

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