Whats new in WatchOS 4?

Hello! Today I’ll be discussing what truly is new and beneficial inside the WatchOS 4 update which was first previously released to developers only on June 5th at Apple’s WWDC event. Some major features of the release is the new Siri WatchFace that gives you updates throughout the day; for example, the new WatchFace will give dynamic, personalized information that changes based on the time of day. Siri can also display weather info, calendar appointments, reminders, HomeKit controls, news alerts, and tons more, right on the watch face. Some other new features in the latest OS includes a new keypad in the built-in Phone app for the functionality of being able to dial a specific number, and connectivity between certain Gym equipment. Of course there are several other new features as listed below.

  • New Siri watch Face
  • Switch between watch faces with the Digital Crown
  • New Toy Story watch faces (coming soon)
  • Person to person payment support (coming soon)
  • New ‘Install’ button in Watch app
  • New Keypad option in Phone app for dialing
  • New on-call interface in Phone app
  • Maps app slightly redesigned with scrolling list of suggestion tiles
  • New Location preferences
  • When Timer goes off, it now has a repeat button
  • Update Music app interface
  • Automatic playlist syncing including Apple Music-recommended lists
  • Updated ‘Now Playing’ complication
  • Slightly modified ‘Now Playing’ interface
  • Add individual albums and artists to Music app
  • Add multiple playlists to Music app
  • Music playback controls integrated into Workout app
  • Camera Remote app now supports video, Portrait mode
  • New News app
  • New News complication
  • New flashlight in Control Center
  • New night workout light in Control Center
  • New red light in Control Center for night reading
  • New location icon in Control Center
  • New Workout app selection interface
  • Workouts now start immediately
  • New Workout type animation in upper left-hand corner
  • Start back-to-back workouts
  • New High Intensity Interval Training
  • Automatically start music when workouts are started
  • Enhanced swim tracking
  • Gym equipment sync
  • New ‘Express Connect’ setting for connecting to Apple Watch-supported gym equipment
  • VO2 max data logging to Health app
  • New Workout preferences
  • New Activity notifications and challenges
  • Updated celebration achievement animations
  • ‘Now Playing’ auto displayed when playing media on paired iPhone
  • Heart rate app features 24-hour chart
  • New pairing UI
  • New usage tips during pairing process
  • Passcode interface with larger tap targets + red delete button
  • New passcode animation
  • New passcode key click sound effect
  • New vertically scrolling Dock interface
  • Dock can now show Recents or Favorites
  • New ‘All Apps’ option in Dock
  • New ‘List View’ for apps
  • Bolder notifications text
  • New Kaleidoscope watch face
  • Create Kaleidoscope faces via Photos app on iPhone



So with these new features listed and in use on my personal watch, am I really seeing a huge difference/improvement? Since day 1 of its installation on mine, I personally really haven’t experienced anything new performance wise. I’ve only seen a few visual changes like the animations for the activity awards and the new Siri WatchFace (Which I’m personally myself not a huge fan of)

Overall, is this update really something you want the moment it comes out? If you’re in it for the new Siri WatchFace and the Activity improvements than sure, go for it. Other then that. No, its honestly just a performance update with just a few new features. Nothing that’s essential for your everyday living. Definitely something you can live without. All I got this time folks, we’ll see you next time! For now, peace! ✌️


Wallpaper Sunday. Part 117.

Hello everyone! How are you?

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My iPad is Taking Over

Hello everyone! How are you?

I have had the new iPad Pro since this past Wednesday, and I can say that it has taken over my Mac in terms of: media consumption, article writing, emails, and article writing! With the A10X chip inside this new 10.5 inch iPad Pro, I really think Apple might finally have the iPad they need to replace the laptop. Continue reading “My iPad is Taking Over”

The Macbook Lineup and its Updates

Hello! Today I’ll be discussing the changes in the Macbook lineup varying from the latest and greatest Macbook Pro to the fine internal changes of the Macbook Air. Starting off with Apples WWDC event that was hosted a little over ten days ago now, Apple announced that the entire lineup would be receiving small modifications. Starting with the 12 inch Macbook. The 12 inch Macbook now supports up to 1.4 GHz Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz, and can be purchased with up to 16GB of RAM. The 13 inch Macbook Pro on the other hand features Kaby Lake processors up to 3.5 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.0 GHz and the 15 inch Macbook Pro featuring an updated processor with support up to 3.1 GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 4.1 GHz.

In addition, the updated 12-inch MacBooks feature new SSDs that are up to 50 percent faster than those found in the previous generation, according to Apple. Then finally, the MacBook Air, one of Apple’s most popular notebooks, received a new 1.8GHz processor to bring it up to speed with the latest and greatest slim laptops on the market.


Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 6.32.59 PM.png

Apple has also lowered the cost of the 12 inch Macbook to $1,299. As for the others, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys starts at $1,299 or $1,799 with Touch Bar. The 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar starts at $2,399. As for now, that is all I’ve got folks! I’ll see you next time! Hope you have a good one. Peace! ✌️

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10.5 Inch iPad Pro: First Impressions

Hello everyone! How are you?

Just yesterday, I was able to receive the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro! The exact model I got was the 256GB Silver Model! This new iPad Pro is amazing! Just from the unboxing experience, and setup, you can tell that Apple is really pushing the iPad to replace a laptop!  Continue reading “10.5 Inch iPad Pro: First Impressions”

Getting the New iPad Pro?

Hello everyone! How are you?

The new iPad Pro unboxings have gone up on YouTube from some of the most well-known tech YouTubers now, and after their videos, it made me decide that I wanted the new iPad Pro! I have the originaly 12.9 inch iPad Pro in 128GB. My iPad Pro that I have now works great, but I found that I am running out of storage, and that the device is just to big for me in some occasions!  Continue reading “Getting the New iPad Pro?”

iOS 10.3.3 Beta 3 Released

Hello everyone! How are you? Apple just released the third beta of iOS 10.3.3. This is just a minor beta update. Go ahead and download it if you are still running iOS 10.3!

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