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Twitter API change to hit next week, affects Tweetbot and other major clients

Twitter next week, will change the way in how third-party apps can access the social media service. Major and smaller Twitter clients like Tweetbot are getting ready for the strike and for the loss of useful features. Continue reading “Twitter API change to hit next week, affects Tweetbot and other major clients”


Apple pushes a update to fix an CPU throttling/thermal management bug

Yesterday Apple pushed out an update specifically aimed at the new MacBook Pro that was released earlier this month to address a bug that resulted in performance issues related to the MacBook Pro’s thermal management system under certain conditions. It drove down clock speeds down lower than necessary under heavy workloads. Continue reading “Apple pushes a update to fix an CPU throttling/thermal management bug”

Amazon overtakes Apple as the most valuable American brand

Amazon just recently overtook Google and Apple to become America’s most valuable brand in the US, according to Brand Finance. Continue reading “Amazon overtakes Apple as the most valuable American brand”

AMC’s New Movie Subscription Plan – A MoviePass Rival

AMC theatre is launching a new tier in it’s AMC Stub’s loyalty program that is aimed to rival MoviePass.

Starting on June 26th, the Stubs A-List will be added to their loyalty program. This tier costs $19.95 a month and gets you access to see three movies per week. You’ll be able to see 3D movies and IMAX movies, along with 2D movies. Compared to MoviePass only allowing you to see 2D movies, this may be a good plan for those with an AMC near you.

What are all your thoughts on AMC’s movie subscription plan?

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Automatic Location Sharing with First Responders on iOS 12

Apple has recently just announced a new feature in the upcoming iOS 12. Automatic location sharing with first responders. Upon dialing 911 on your iPhone, your location with be immediately shared with the call center.

This a great feature that Apple is adding that can make a significant impact on people’s lives.

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When is iOS 12 beta 2 dropping?

iOS 12 was announced on Monday, June 4th. In the past, Apple usually drops 6-8 developer betas before the final and public release of the software is released in September. iOS 11 beta 2 was released 16 days after the first one.

It’s likely that the iOS 12 beta 2 will release in the coming week along with the first public beta.

Beta 2 and 3 are where we see the most significant changes or additions to the software. What else do you think Apple has up its sleeve?

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One week with the iOS 12 Beta: How stable is it?

Hello! Its been a little over a week now since I installed the first developer beta of iOS 12 on my daily device knowing the risk I was taking. So far – the experience hasn’t been the greatest but that is expected anyways. Continue reading “One week with the iOS 12 Beta: How stable is it?”

How to Delete Sent Messages in Snapchat!

How many of us sent a message on Snapchat that they regret sending? Thanks to the update Snapchat pushed out yesterday, users can now delete any sent message that is saved or not.

You can do this by long-pressing on the message you want to delete. Three options will appear; save in chat copy, and delete. When you delete a message, your friend will see that you deleted a message.

This is a very nice feature added into Snapchat. I’d like to see the ability to change your username next!

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watchOS 5 gets major Workout improvements

I don’t know about you, but that main reason I bought my Apple Watch was for fitness tracking. While there hasn’t been any complaints of using my Watch for fitness and working out, Apple added some great new features in watchOS 5.

The first and biggest thing is automatic workout tracking. You don’t have to worry about starting your workout on the Watch before you start, as the Watch will know when you start and finish.

Apple added two additional workouts to be able to be tracked; Yoga and Hiking.

watchOS 5 will let you have a competition with your friends to motivate yourself to workout more! Challenge your friends to close the activity rings for 7 days straight and whoever achieves the most points will win a medal.

So watchOS 5 is a pretty nice update for all users and I’m a big fan of these improvements.

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