Hello everyone! How are you?

Since the launch of Apple Pay, I have been a major fan. I even switched banks just so I could have Apple Pay! I wanted to finally slim down my wallet and only have my phone, but that’s not really how it went. See, when Apple Pay first launched, it was so hard to find people who accepted it especially coming from a very tiny town that has literally some schools, churches, restaurants, and a Wal-Mart. There was literally no one in my town that had Apple Pay, but then that changed. More and more local ma’ and pap’ shops saw the benefit of Apple Pay, and it started to show up everywhere in the town, and I was so ecstatic! I just knew that Apple Pay was going to become the future, and I believe it has.

With Apple Pay cash, and more and more banks, and businesses finally accepting Apple Pay, I feel like the service is finally on to something! Currently, I use Apple Pay everyday! I use it to pay for my gas, shop online, shop at the mall, and much more!

Overall, I really enjoy Apple Pay, and I truly feel it is the future! Make sure to let us know what you think about Apple Pay by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter pages! Have a great day everyone!