Hello everyone! How are you? CES 2018 is currently taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. It’s a three day long event where companies showcase new products, including prototypes and futuristic tech. Today, we are talking about one of the TVs that are being showcased.

LG had an 88-inch 8K OLED TV on display. 8K is four times the resolution of 4K, so the picture quality is going to look stunning. Last year, LG had a 98-inch 8K TV at CES; although it wasn’t OLED. LG said “it’s actually easier to manufacture vast 8K TVs with OLED because each pixel can be controlled/illuminated individually and there’s no backlight that you have to keep consistent across such a large surface.”

This TV is just a prototype but if it ever became available for retail sale, the problem would be that 8K content is almost not even created at this point. The TV has a resolution of 33MP which is higher than the majority of DSLR cameras!

This is a nice thing to look at and go “ooh and ahh” but who knows what the future will hold after others have seen LG’s prototype.

Check out a hands on look of this TV by The Verge.

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Credit to The Verge for the featured image.