The WiFi Alliance today announced that the latest WiFi security protocol, WPA3 will be arriving later this year that will bring along new capabilities for both personal and enterprise networks.

In a press release, WiFi Alliance announced details on WPA3’s improvements over WPA2.

Four new capabilities for personal and enterprise Wi-Fi networks will emerge in 2018 as part of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3™. Two of the features will deliver robust protections even when users choose passwords that fall short of typical complexity recommendations, and will simplify the process of configuring security for devices that have limited or no display interface.

After last years KRACK vulnerability found in WPA2, WPA3 brings important security updates to public networks and more.

Another feature will strengthen user privacy in open networks through individualized data encryption. Finally, a 192-bit security suite, aligned with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite from the Committee on National Security Systems, will further protect Wi-Fi networks with higher security requirements such as government, defense, and industrial.

No details on the release date have come up yet but the WiFi Alliance stated that it would release some time this year.

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