Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all know, I use the Totallee case on my iPhone X, but recently I have wanted to go caseless. Even though the Totallee case is very thin, and is there just to protect against scratches, I have been wanting to use this phone without a case.I think one of the greatest things that Apple does is design. I belive Apple is able to design like there is no tomorrow. The iPhone X is no exception to that claim. With the stainless steel band, the all glass design, and a screen that looks amazing, why would you even want to cover it with a case?
The one thing that is making me almost have to use a case is that all glass design. I am terrified of dropping my iPhone X and it shattering! Even though I have AppleCare, I am still terrified of one day dropping my iPhone X and cracking that gorgeous front/back! I have thought about going with a glass screen protector on both sides of the phone, but then again that is not always 100% covering the phone, so I am posing a risk there!

Overall, this is where I need you all to help me decide! Do you think I should go caseless, and run the risk, or do you think I should continue to use a case? Make sure to let me know by posting to the Facebook and/or Twitter pages! Have a great day everyone!