We all look for that perfect case for our new phones to showcase many aspects of the device. Below, you’ll find some of my top 4 cases for your new iPhone X.

Case #1: Speck Presidio Clear Case

This case, made by Speck, holds a price tag ranging from $24-$30 is a great companion for your iPhone X. I have had the case on for a week and its very functional and very protective. The clear back design showcases the iPhone X’s beauty with an added level of protection. The case is stated to be military grade and drop tested up to 8 feet (2.4m). The cases offer’s Speck’s unique “two layer; impactium clear” protection. For the price you get a good deal. I have dropped my phone with this case on it and its held up well. The case shows no sign of deterioration or yellowing like some other cases on the market show. The only thing I would add is more grip but Speck does offer more grip in it’s Presidio Grip series, just not in clear.

Case #2: Otterbox Symmetry Case

Otterbox cases were my go to case for ANY new phone I’ve had. They offer a huge amount of protection and phone functionality. When Otterbox introduced the slimmer symmetry option a couple years ago, I was in love. Although it reminds me of the Speck cases, I like the sleek look Otterbox gives to any phone, especially the symmetry series. Otterbox cases are certified drop tested to military standards and can hold up to day to day usage. Coming in at a price of around $30 its available in a variety of colors and now available in clear, its a great case overall.

Case #3: Tech 21 Clear/White Case

I decided to also try out Tech 21’s clear case, I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I love it. Though, not everything is perfect. I noticed after a few days of using it, the case picks up everything the phone is placed on and eventually builds up a film which is easily cleaned but still a pain. The case offers great protection for the back and sides of the phone with its thick TPU case but still shows off the phones true, natural beauty on the back. The case does not protect the screen so make sure you pick up a decent screen protector as all will work.

Case #4: Apple Silicone Case

It doesn’t offer the most protection for those habitual droppers but it does offer some damn good style. Apple cases have offered the most functionality for iPhone’s and style for years. The case comes in a variety of colors that correspond with many other accessories for other Apple products, like the Apple Watch and the bands for the watch. With a somewhat hefty price tag of $40, justifying this case purchase might be hard but for the big spenders, I’d say it’s worth it. Just get a good screen protector to avoid a hefty repair cost.

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