Hello everyone! How are you? A lot of my family and friends have been asking me the question “is the iPhone X worth it?”. Here are my thoughts.

I absolutely love the iPhone X! The new design is beautiful and I really do not miss the home button one bit. I came from an iPhone 7 Plus. I prefer the size of the iPhone X much more. It fits better in my hand and just feels right. The battery life is great, as well. I can get through a whole day with normal usage with no problem.

Now after that, do I think the iPhone X is worth the upgrade and it’s price tag? I’d have to say yes.

Some people think the $1,000+ price tag is absurd. But if you really think about it, if you sell your previous smartphone and factor that into the cost of the iPhone X, you really aren’t paying that hefty price. As an example, I sold my iPhone 7 Plus for $450 so deduct that from $1,000 and it’s like paying $550. I don’t think people think about that.

If you have been debating getting the iPhone X, I’d say go for it! I definitely recommend it.

Let us know if you are an owner of an iPhone X, and how you like it!

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Have a great day!

Featured image courtesy of Wccftech.