We all know Apple has always had trouble keeping up with demand for their new flagship models. Dating back to the first iPhone, Apple has encountered the same issue each time they release a new, innovative product. Many ask why this happens? Well let me explain.

Over 55 million people in the world are Apple enthusiasts and look to Apple for its innovative design and technology in the products they develop. So what does this mean for Apple?


Let me put it into perspective. It was predicted that 40 million pre-orders were expected to come about the iPhone X this year. So let’s say if Apple only has about 2 million units available day of pre-order than about half those people will receive an iPhone within the first few days of pre-order.

Why were they not prepared? No one actually knows the answer to this but it could be something simple as late production to something as big as a faulty sensor. It takes a huge amount of planning for them to satisfy their wide variety of customers.

Planning, surveying, and researching are always at play for any new product release. It takes time for Apple to perfect its product and that’s what it’s 50 million fans love. The fact that they are able to incorporate simplicity and beauty into such an exceptional quality product.

Since the first iPhone, Steve Jobs had led Apple into a whirl of directions but yet, never lost sight on its true values.  I definitely expect more advanced technology from Apple to arise within the next 20 years. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or send us a tweet on Twitter! Until next time, peace!