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The iPhone X has been my daily driver ever since launch day, and with a new phone, comes a new case! I wanted to keep the feel of the iPhone to the most natural feel as possible, and I knew I had a couple of options with cases! The first case I tried out was the Totallee. I have used Totallee cases since I had my iPhone 7 Plus, and continued to use them with my 8 Plus, and now my iPhone X! I really like these cases, due to just how compact, slim, and overall protective they are!
Now, these cases are not rated for drop protection or anything, but they are going to protect that nice stainless steel band around the iPhone X!
Here are a couple of images of the case:

As you can see, this case is super thin, and looks super nice! I have been using the case since I got my iPhone X, and have noticed that there are no screatches on my stainless steel band around the iPhone X!

One more really nice thing I like about this case is that it has a little raise on the back that is enabling the case to protect the camera! When I sit my phone down on the table, it is really nice that the camera is not sitting on the actual table getting scratched!

Overall, I am huge fan of this case, and plan to use it for quite some time! You can find out a lot more information on the case, including the price and different color options that Totallee offers by clicking here. Also, make sure to let us know what you think of this case by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter page!
Have a great day everyone!

Featured Image provided by Totallee.