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When I first say that the iPhone 8 Plus was going to have a glass back, I initially jumped straight to the conclusion that I was going to get a case. I knew a case was going to protect this glass back perfectly, but then I thought to myself a little more of some other solutions! I had remebered using a dBrand for my iPhone 7 Plus, and I knew that I really loved it! After getting my iPhone 8 Plus, I knew that I wanted to keep the slim feel in the hand, so that is why I went to dBrand to cover up that glass back and protect it for my iPhone 8 Plus!Here are some images of my dBranded iPhone 8 Plus:

As you can see, this skin looks amazing! I know these are not the best pictures of the skin, but I will be posting some better images over on the Twitter page soon!

Overall, I am very pleased that I chose dBrand to protect the back glass of my iPhone! I am really enjoying the extra grip that it has given to my iPhone, and I really enjoy how I do not have to worry about just sitting my iPhone down on a table and worry about getting a scratch!
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