Hello everyone! How are you?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has just be unevailed, and this device looks pretty promising! The Note 8 is coming with a 6.3 inch screen, and a dual camera setup on the back side that Samsung says is better than the dual camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus.So far, I have only been able to watch the hands-on, and read the specs but I must say that the Note 8 looks promising. Samsung does have a lot of ground to make up from last years “fiery” Note 7, but I think they have done this with the Note 8. All the new software quirks, and new hardware features are making the Note 8 be one hell of a phone. The all new S pen has way more pressure sensors, and almost reminds me on the Apple Pencil in a sense.
What really shocked me when reading throught the specs is the 6GB of RAM that this phone is shipping with. 6GB of RAM is a lot for a phone, but I think Samsung phones almost need it? Due to the bloatware that Samsung phones have, I believe 6GB of RAM is going to help a lot!

Overall, my initial first impressions of the Note 8 are, “This is one heck of a phone, and I hope it does not flop.” I hope to be getting a Note 8 into my hands for a review, but I do not think I could ever switch over to Samsung! Maybe this will change once I get some hands on time with the device?

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