Today Verizon Wireless announced that its existing unlimited data plan is being divided into three new options.

Go Unlimited (starting at $75 for a single line), Beyond Unlimited ($85 for first line), and Business Unlimited where the price varies. The more affordable “Go Unlimited” plan throttles all smartphone video streaming to 480p / DVD-quality and 720p / HD-quality on tablets. On the “Beyond Unlimited” plan you’ll be able to stream HD video on smartphones (limited to 720p) and Full HD 1080p video streaming for tablets. Then on the business plan you’ll be limited to only DVD-quality video (480p) on all lines.


Back in February when Verizon unrevealed their unlimited plan you could do all the streaming you want in the highest quality, no issues until you hit the 22GB LTE cutoff per line which then you’ll be reduced to slower speeds which is still the case on these new plans other than the video streaming. What are you’re thoughts on Verizon taking their “Good” unlimited plan and ruining it into three “bad” ones? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, peace! ✌️