Hello! Today we will be looking back at once was the best TV to ever enter the market, curved TV’s. In April of 2014, Samsung and LG introduced the first curved flat screen TV’s. Now it’s been three years, are they still worth the price?

Curved TV’s creates the idea that by curving the image slightly forward, you’ll feel more involved into what you’re watching as you get the feel of depth, by entering slightly more into your peripheral vision. More consumers state that it makes the TV feel 3D even knowing the picture essentially is only 2D. Curved televisions can come with a variety of screens, the best looking in color and sharpness is QLED (Which is usually seen with a hefty price) and OLED screens with HDR.QN65Q8C_004_Detail1_Silver_12617

A lot of others say the viewing angles are better hence that the screen is curved. Though, the curvature of the screen makes glares worse as most of the time they warp the glare and “stretch” it even more than that of a flat TV.

Most people just plain and simply buy them because there cool looking. Curved TV’s tend to be priced more as they are harder to make. In the end, these TV’s are still worth every penny, it’s just if your willing to take a shot at it. If you have a different opinion on Curved televisions please let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear what you think! For now, peace! ✌️