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As you all probably know by now, the next iPhone is going to be going full screen, but with a slight notch in the top center. This notch is going to be housing the camera, and all the sensors that Apple may need to use for this iPhone. One question many people are starting is ask is, “Will Apple be imbracing the notch, or hiding the notch?”Recently, UX designer Maksim Petriv created some mokeups showing off how Apple could hide the notch, or how they could imbrace. These mockups also show off how some of the most popular apps may look.
Here are the images:

As you can see, some images show off the white screen around the notch, and some leave it completely black around the notch. Personally, I want Apple to imbrace the notch! I think it looks really nice how the screeen goes all the way to the corner!

Make sure to let us know what you all think about these mockups, and if you think Apple should imbrace, or hide the notch by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter. Have a great day everyone!