Hello everyone! How are you?

While scrolling through Twitter earlier, I came up on some more leaks of the next iPhone! This next iPhone is leaking a lot, and I am not sure if that is a good thing, or bad thing! From the recent leaks that came out from the HomePod firmware, to all the recent videos popping up on YouTube from big time YouTubers, this next iPhone is really being hyped! 
Upon my scrolling through Twitter, this image popped up:

As you can see, this image is showing the all new color that Apple may be calling “Champagne Gold”, and this image is hsowing off that gorgeous full front display with the small little notch in the center for the sensors. These images are coming from a man named Ben Miller!
One more image coming fron Ben is an image of the next iPhone, compared to an iPhone 7 Plus!

As you can see, the next iPhone is going to be amazing! I am still a little skeptical on where TouchID is going to go, if there is even TouchID on the next iPhone?
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