Hello everyone! How are you? I was browsing the App Store for a new game to play and stumbled upon Sidewords. It’s a puzzle game with no timers, no penalties, and no pressure.

Sidewords is a part logic puzzle, part word game. There is two game modes. In the Puzzle mode, each level gives you a grid with two words. The goal is to fill in the empty square by making words out of the two that are given. The trick is words can’t overlap. It can get quite challenging as the grids will get bigger and bigger. hq720.jpg

The second mode is called Quads. It’s an endless high score mode that uses a swiping gesture like in Threes! You get points by clearing out pink squares. You tap a letter and have to create a word using letters that are next to each other. It can get a bit addicting and is a good time-waster for sure.

I really do enjoy this game and for $2.99, I think it’s a great buy if you enjoy puzzle games. Download it here.

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