Hello! Recently DJI released globally its last edition of the Phantom 3 series. The Phantom 3 SE with a 4k camera, I personally call it the budget drone.

The SE (or the Special Edition) features a 4k camera which makes for great film taking and action shots, though this drone is cheap and sounds like a steal for $599 it definitely has its negative and positive aspects of it. (In no way am I steering you away from purchasing the drone) The SE features live view from the controller and a compatible device with stream up to 480p @ 30fps. The drone uses the 2.4GHz spectrum on a generated wifi network from the drone itself and the controller to give a max flight distance of up to 1200 meters or 3937 feet. We’ve seen from the other 3 drones in the series a flight distance well pass 2 miles! For a powerful drone straight from DJI for only $599 USD you’re getting one great tool with endless possibilities.40721821_A3_V2

Once we look into the drone and possibly get hands on with it I will leave feedback below. Until then, peace! ✌️