Hello everyone! How are you? Apple has just released iOS 11 beta 5 to developers. This beta release comes 8 days after beta 4. The update weighs in at roughly 300MB on my iPhone 7 Plus! Make sure to click the “Read More” tag to see the changes!Here are the changes we have found so far:

-New Photos and Settings icon

-Messages in iCloud have been removed and will be coming back in future versions of iOS 11. (Confirmed by release notes)
-New UI for Music in control center
-AirPlay seems to be working fully now
-Taking a photo in Portrait Mode will now allow you turn off the Depth Effect when editing the picture
-New FaceTime calling sound
-Swiping “Open” from alert launches the app
-Limited Health data sharing
-New iPad splash screen for explaining the dock
-Camera level for downward facing shots when grid in enabled (Settings)

Any changes we find will be listed below! Follow us, and  make sure to let us know of any changes you all find on Twitter and Facebook. Have a great day.