Hello everyone! How are you? Here are 3 cool tech deals I found for this week. Enjoy!

First up, PowerA has a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con charging dock on sale for $23.99 on Amazon. This charging dock has great reviews and would be great for you if you have a Switch!

If you are looking to get a smart watch, AT&T has the Fitbit Blaze on sale for $50 off! That’s a great deal in my opinion. The blue color is only on sale. I’m really considering purchasing this to upgrade my Charge 2.

The last deal of the week is on a gaming chair. It’s a racing solve leather swivel computer/gaming chair in green. It won’t ship for 1-2 weeks but it is significantly discounted at $65.59.

That’s all the deals I have for this week. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Have a great day!