Hello everyone! How are you? Today, I will be giving 3 reasons why iOS 11 is better than iOS 10. In a later article, I will give 3 reasons why iOS 10 is better than iOS 11.

The Control Center is one of the biggest changes in my eyes, that is the most welcoming. It’s completely redesigned. There is more information on the screen, you can customize the controls, and 3D Touch into more controls. It’s easily one my favorite features in iOS 11.

Augmented Reality is finally coming to iOS thanks to the new API that will allow develops to build new AR apps for the iPhone. It seems as if everyone loves AR and this was highly sought after to be on iOS and finally Apple has decided it was time.

The Files app is something many techies have wanted on iOS. This app allows you to find, organize, and delete all. the files on your device, iCloud, and 3rd party storage services.

Those are my three reasons why iOS 11 is better than iOS 10.

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