Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, my family ditched out entire cable service, and moved to streaming for everything. Our streaming apps include: Netflix, CBS, SlingTV, YouTube Red, and AppleMusic (for music of course!) So far, all of these apps have been treating the family and I very well, and are working well with all of our devices! So, what is my favorite streaming app? CBS would have to be my favorite streaming app, and here is why!CBS works across all of my devices, and has an AppleTV app as well! CBS also allows for streaming live tv through their app which works amazing! I love how I am able to catch up on all my TV shows like Big Brother, and The Amazing Race after the episode has aired! Also, I really like how CBS keeps a lot of episodes inside their app that are able to be watched whenever, wherever as long as you have an internet connection!
I think the only downside with the CBS app is you are unable to save episodes for offline! All the other streaming apps, except for SlingTV, allow us to save stuff for offline use which I really like! There once a rumor that was floating around at one point that CBS was going to add offline features, but so far that has yet to happen!
So, what is your favorite streaming app? Make sure to let us know by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter page! Have a great day everyone!