Hello everyone! How are you?

Just yesterday, I was able to receive the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro! The exact model I got was the 256GB Silver Model! This new iPad Pro is amazing! Just from the unboxing experience, and setup, you can tell that Apple is really pushing the iPad to replace a laptop! The newest thing with the iPad is the new refresh rate of the screen! The new iPad has a refresh rate of 120Hz. What this means is, the new iPad is going to be “buttery smooth” no matter what! The scrolling, gameplay, video, and just overall navigation of this iPad is amazing! It looks amazing!
Another great new thing with the iPad is iOS 11! I updated my new iPad Pro to iOS 11 beta, and it really makes the iPad so much better! iOS 11, and the iPad is truly what is going to help the iPad become the “laptop replacement” Apple is going for on the iPad!
Here are some images of the new iPad:



As you can tell from the images, the camera bump seems a little bigger, and the box has an all new design! The old iPad Pro box showed the side view of the iPad, but this box is showing off the all new front view! From the box, you are able to tell how small the bezels are, and just how big the 10.5 inch screen is!
Overall, I am really enjoying this new iPad Pro! It has replaced my first gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro!
I will be having a full review of this new iPad Pro up soon once I can get a true feel for it! For now, make sure to let me know what you think about the new iPad Pro by posting to the Facebook and/or Twitter page! Have a great day everyone!