Hello everyone! How are you?

Yesterday, I decided it was time to start using iCloud for everything! I moved all my contacts into iCloud, all my calendars into iCloud, and I am really starting to think I made the right decision! I had been using Outlook to store my contacts, and Google for my calendars, but I feel like iCloud is just the way to go since I am so tied up in the Apple ecosystem!I was actually surprised how easy it was to get everything moved over to iCloud! All I had to do was export my contacts out of Outlook, and then drag them into the contacts app on my Mac inside the iCloud folder! This allowed me to then go on my iPhone, and iPad to turn on iCloud contacts! After a couple minutes of syncing, all my contacts had showed up on all my iCloud devices!
For calendars, it was the same process! Export all my Google calendars, and import them into iCloud!
Now, I know the risk of using iCloud for all my contacts, calendars, messages, emails, etc. becasue, what happens if iCloud goes down? What happens if the iCloud email server goes down and then I am stuck without my important emails? I understand all the risk behind having everything in iCloud, but it is one I am willing to take to get the wonderful experience!

So, do you think I made a mistake? Make sure to let me know by posting to the Facebook and/or Twitter pages! Have a great day everyone!