Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple has just released a new iMac
Here is what is new:
500 nits
Kaby lake processor
Up to 64GB of RAM
Fusion Drive standard on 27 inch iMac
iMac is getting an IO upgrade with USB-C integration
Next generation graphics coming to new iMac
iTwe4kz_2017-Jun-05 3.jpgDetroitBORG_2017-Jun-05 4.jpg

27 inch iMac is getting an all new graphics option
VR gaming is now possible with Mac
John Knoll has taken the stage to show off VR gaming on the iMac
4k iMac starting at 1299
All new MacBooks announced. Kaby lake processor, and performance bumps coming to the Macbooks. A new config to the 13 inch MacBook Pro starting at $1299 as well.
All new Macs ship todayMikesApple_2017-Jun-05 1.jpg

iMac Pro sneak peek:
Space Gray finish
Most powerful iMac ever made
Most powerful Mac everiTwe4kz_2017-Jun-05 4.jpg
Shipping with an 8-Core Xeon Processor
Shipping with a 10-Core Xeon Processor
Shipping with an up to 18-Core Xeon Processor
iMac Pro will use Redeon Vega graphics
Up to 128GB RAM, and up to 4TB SSD
4 USB-C ports
1080P FaceTime camera
iMac Pro will start at $4,999
Shipping in December