Hello everyone! How are you?

Craig is now on the stage at WWDC, and he is talking macOS!
Here is what is new in macOS:
An all new nameiTwe4kz_2017-Jun-05 1.jpg
Safari has been named the topped browser. The worlds faster desktop browser
DetroitBORG_2017-Jun-05 1.jpg
Autoplay blocking coming to Safari
iTwe4kz_2017-Jun-05 2.jpg
Intelligent Tracking Prevention coming to Safari
Split view in Mail
A new Photo app
Photos now recognizes more faces
New editing tools inside of Photos
New printing services
APFS is coming to macOS
H.265 is coming to macOS High Sierra
H.265 is coming to all Pro apps and QuickTime
Metal 2 is coming to macOS High Sierra
Metal machine learning
Metal for external graphics
Apple is doubling down on Pro Content Creation
Metal for VR
DetroitBORG_2017-Jun-05 2.jpg
DetroitBORG_2017-Jun-05 3.jpg