Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all probably know by now, Apple is set to hold their annual World Wide Developer Conference on June 5 at 10AM PDT! This conference is always where Apple will release new software for the iPhone, AppleWatch, Mac, and AppleTV. With that being said, “Are you Ready for WWDC?”What exactly do I mean by “ready?” Well, I mean are all your devices backed up? Do you understand all the risk that come with running a beta on your devices? Do you have a developer account that is active, or are you going to wait for the public betas to probably go live sometime in July?
Apple is going to tell you all the risk for the beta inside the fine print, but we want to point out some of the obvious ones!
Here are some of the risk:
-This is a beta. The battery life is probably going to suck
-Once you are running the beta, there is no easy way to go back unless you want to redownload everything
-The beta is going to have a lot of crashes! No beta runs 100% perfect!

Overall, I am very pleased to see what Apple is going to be able to do with the next version of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS! I will be installing the iOS beta on my backup iPhone 7 Plus, and we will have full covereage of WWDC here on the website!

For now, make sure to let us know if you are ready for WWDC by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter! Have a great day everyone!