Hello everyone! How are you? On Wednesday, I was on a bike ride when something bad happened. My iPhone 7 Plus wasn’t securely in the mount I had it on and it fell on the road and it shattered. This was the first time I ever severely damaged a piece of technology.

Luckily, my family has a protection plan with AT&T! I was able to get a brand new iPhone 7 Plus for $112 which was the deductible. AT&T shipped me the the new phone overnight which was very great.

I am currently downloading all my apps and everything since I decided to set it up as a new iPhone. I have a more protective case on the iPhone just in case.

So, I definitely recommend you to have a protection plan with your carrier if you don’t already. Apple would of charged more than $112 just to replace the screen.

Have you ever cracked any of your technology? My streak has ended, but oh well.

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