Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all have read, I have been writing a lot about how I want to make the switch to Android, and I finally have. I have purchased the Galaxy S8+, and I love this phone. The screen is amazing, the specs are amazing, the battery life is great, and overall this is just a great phone! When I first unboxed the GS8+ I was skeptical. I thought to myself, “Can I really make the switch?” I downloaded all the apps I used on my iPhone 7 Plus, and got to work making my homescreen the way I want, and then just started using the phone!
After getting everything setup, it was time to switch over my SIM card. I started using the phone like I would any phone! I used all the apps, texting, web browsing, media consumption, picture taking, etc.

Overall, the GS8+ could fully take over as my daily driver! I love using the phone as my daily driver! I will continue to use the phone and come back at you all with a full review!
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