Hello everyone! How are you?

I have been eyeballing the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus for quite some time now, and they have really made me want to switch to Android. The all new design, and all new software experience from Samsung has really made me want to make the switch.The all new design, along with the new software seems to be an experience like no other. From the 30 minutes that I was able to play with the new phones inside BestBuy earlier today, it really made me thinking about almost spending 1000 dollars on a phone that I would never see myself making a daily driver.
From all the comparisons that I have seen between the GS8 and iPhone 7, it really shows how far behind Apple is right now. Apple really needs to step up their design game with the next version of iOS, and the next version of the iPhone!

Overall, I am very intrigued by the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. I cannot wait to see what Apple has in store for the next version of iOS, and the next iPhone! Also, I might be getting one of the new Galaxy devices this weekend, so I will report back on that if I decide to!
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