Hello everyone! How are you?

I have written many articles about the TouchBar, and have complained and/or praised it, but it is time I finally say I love it! The TouchBar is amazing. I find myself using it more and more with all the apps on my MacBook Pro. With many apps finally being updated to implement the TouchBar, I find myself using it with literally every app I use! I use it with Messages, Final Cut Pro, Mail, Calendar, and I use it for the basic functions that it allows! I like how it sits where the function bar use to be, and I really enjoy how everything is just a tap away with the TouchBar.

Overall, I really hope Apple will make a Magic Keyboard with TouchBar so that I can continue to use the TouchBar with my iMac! Make sure to let us know what you think about the TouchBar, and whether or not you think Apple should make a Magic Keyboard with TouchBar by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter. Have a fantastic day everyone!