Hello everyone! How are you?

When it comes to internet in my house, we use the AirPort Extreme! You all probably know what the AirPort extreme is, but if you do not it is basically Apple’s first party Wi-Fi router. The router has all the latest Wi-Fi capabilities, and works great in my house.

Setting up the new router was super easy. All it took was pluggig it in, opening the AirPort utility app, and going through the quick and easy setup process.
Another great thing about the router is the ability to use more than one without having to have an ethernet cable plugged into the second one! All I had to do to setup the second router downstairs was plug it in, put it in AP mode, and then it was setup as an access point!
Overall, I am very pleased with the AirPort Extreme, and plan to keep using it for my house! It offers great speeds, a easy to use app to control everything, and is made by Apple!

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