Hello everyone! How are you? Baseball season is right around the corner. I’m a huge fan of the sport so I thought I’d talk about the new MLB game for iOS.

RBI Baseball is a fast-pace, pick up and play game. The game has 30 authentic stadiums, stat tracking, and roster updates throughout the season. There aren’t any major new features compared to RB Baseball 16 which is a bit disappointing.

I really enjoy this game, especially season mode. A full 9-inning game takes about 20 minutes so it’s great to kill some time. There is over 1,000 different MLB players in the game. You can modify your lineup which is pretty cool.

If you a fan of baseball, definitely check out R.B.I Baseball 17! It costs $4.99. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/r-b-i-baseball-17/id1209145920?mt=8

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