Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I had a family memeber ask me, “Should I start storing all my stuff in the cloud?” My immediate answer was, no. I said no becasue, I feel like you should keep as many physical copies of things that you can, but I think if you can also have a digital copy of it, you should!When it comes to receipts, pictures, etc. I always like to keep the physical, but then again I like to scan it into my computer and keep them all inside of iCloud Drive! My grandma was the family member that asked me, and when I showed her that she could start scanning stuff into her iMac, she fell in love! She started going in and scanning all the photos that were printed out! She really enjoyed knowing that if something happened to the digital copy, that she had the hard copy and vice versa!

Overall, I do not think everything should be stored in the cloud! I think you should still keep both physical and digital copies of as many things as you can! Make sure to let us know what you think about this by posting to our Facebook and/or Twitter. Have a fantastic day everyone!