Hello everyone! How are you? In case you didn’t know, every Thursday Apple features select apps in the App Store and offers a paid app, for free. This week, Vintage Calendar is the free app of the week.

I personally find the stock calendar app to be a bit bland. When I saw this app, I immediately downloaded it to give it a try!

Once I opened the app, I knew the UI was very nice. There is six different color packs you can choose from to your liking. I like Stealth and Bistro. This calendar app is simplistic. I am using the Stealth color pack in the photo below.IMG_2836.PNG

As you can see, you can scroll up and down to look at the dates in the center or left to right on the top. If you need to make an event, hold down on the day and a neat animation will start up and then you’ll be able to create your event. (You can also press the + button to add an event.)  Pressing the schedule tab on the right side will open up a hourly schedule so you can take a look at your day.

There’s not much else to say about a calendar app but you can sync it up with the stock app and Google. Download it now before it goes back to being a paid app! Download Vintage Calendar Here

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