Hello everyone! How are you?

Battery life. It is something we can either complain about, or praise when it comes to a phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Battery life has been great on some devices, and terrible on some others! Some battery last forever, some catch fire, and some just plain out never work.When it comes to battery life for me, I can’t complain! All the main devices I use, iPhone, iPad, AppleWatch, and MBP 13 inch with TouchBar, I get great battery life! I am able to easily get two days out of all my devices, but I never choose to go that way. I always find myself topping off my iPhone and AppleWatch every night, and then my MacBook Pro, and iPad every other night.
It seems to me, many people are always having different results when it comes to battery life. I am finding that battery life never seems to remain consistent.
The reason I write this article is due to a recent rumor that came out that Apple was going to be able to fit a much larger battery inside a smaller phone (iPhone 7 Plus battery size into the iPhone 7 body.) If this were to happen, think of how much better battery life is going to get!

Overall, I think there is going to be a huge breakthrough in battery technology in the coming years! It will be very interesting to see what kind of battery life the next round of flagships have!
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