Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all know, I recently published an article about wanting AirPods, which can be read by clicking here. Well, right after writing that article, I had a friend contact me, and tell me that they found someone with AirPods for a pretty good price! Upon the initial unboxing of the AirPods, I felt almost taken back. I felt like Apple was returning to the unboxing experience that we all know and love! It felt good to have the shrink wrap around the package, and to have the little pull tabs back! FullSizeRender.jpg

After unboxing the AirPods, I opened up the case the AirPods came in, and immediately noticed a pop up screen on my control center!
Here is an image of what popped up:

*Since my AirPods are already connected, you are not seeing the connect button that would also come up*

After connecting the AirPods to my iPhone, I popped them in my ears and gave them a listen! I listened to many different songs! Some that were bass heavy, some that were very vocal heavy, some instrumental, and much more! Overall, I think the AirPods sound fantastic! I believe they have just enough bass for my liking, and I believe they are some of the best souding “wireless” headphones I have heard.

I also used my AirPods at the gym! I really enjoyed using them, becasue they have snug fit, did not fall out, and still sounded great! My workout consisted of running, and the eliptical, and some weight lifting! I really enjoyed using the AirPods during my time at the gym, and I proud to say that they will become my main gym headphones!

Overall, I am very pleased with the AirPods, and I plan to continue to use them daily! I cannot wait to see what Apple is going to bring to them in terms of software!
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