Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I wrote an article all about the daily tech that I use! I said, that I did not want to add the iPad Pro 12.9 inch to my daily tech, because I really only use it for media consumption, and some games! Things have changed though. I am now using my iPad Pro with the smart keyboard for a lot of different things now! The iPad Pro has become the device that I love to take notes on, write some articles, and use for more media consumption! I love using the iPad Pro with the smart keyboard because it creates an ease of use!
I also really like to use my iPad for FaceTime. The bigger screen on the iPad Pro works well with many of the apps that are on the AppStore, and I have found that I should have never underestimated the bigger iPad Pro!

Make sure to let me know what you think about the iPad Pro over on Facebook, and Twitter! Have a great day everyone!