Hello everyone! How are you? For Christmas, I got a PopSocket. It’s a really neat grip that goes onto the case of your phone to provide you with extra grip and it does several other things!

I found out about the PopSocket from my sister who got one and I always thought it was neat.

You can get a PopSocket in tons of different colors or even with your own image on it. Once you choose the main color/image, you can customize the accordion and platform colors as well. They sell for around $10 on their website and I think that’s a pretty good price!

The PopSocket can be used as a grip which will give you extra drop protection also. You can pop it out and prop it up for hands-free viewing. These can be used on almost any phone but they could also be used on tablets, a DS, or even a Go-Pro!

The reason I like the PopSocket so much is because it’ll always be on your phone (or whatever you place it on) and it doesn’t get in the way if you don’t need to use it. I think it’s a pretty cool product and it is worth checking out! PopSocket Website

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