Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I started to go to the gym! My challenge for the New Year was to fill my activity rings everyday in 2017, and I am off to a great start! The only two devices I bring to the gym are, my iPhone and AppleWatch!The maind device I use at the gym is the AppleWatch! The AppleWatch is able to track all the workouts I do while at the gym, and it is very accurate with counting calories, and measuring my heart rate! I have noticed the machines I use are giving the same results (in terms of calories burned and heart rate) as my AppleWatch!

Overall, I love using my AppleWatch at the gym! I plan to continue using it, and will report back if any thing bad comes up, or if any more good stuff comes up! Make sure to let us know what you use when working out, and if you use an AppleWatch! You can find us on Facebook here, and on Twitter here. Have a fantastic day everyone!