Hello everyone! How are you?

Since Christmas, I have been using my Google Home every day for a lot of task! I use it to change my lights, use it for a speaker, and much more to better my home automation! I have the Google Home setup in my office on my desk, along with a lot of my other tech accessories!

Upon the unboxing of the Google Home, I noticed that the unboxing experience was very simple, and nice! After unboxing, I chose the place I wanted it on my desk, and then started the setup process! The Google Home works with Android, and iOS.
The main feature I like to use with the Google Home is the bluetooth speaker functionality! I really enjoy the integration it has with Google Play Music, and Pandora!
Another feature I love to use with Google Home is to control my Hue lights! The Google Home is able to turn on/off the lights, change the color, and change the brightness!

Overall, I continue to use the Google Home for quite some time, and come back to you all for a full review once I get some more time using the device! Make sure to let us know what you think about the Google Home by posting to our Facebook, or Twitter! Have a great day everyone!