Hello everyone! How are you? For Christmas, Ethan got me this color changing table lamp that I have been wanting so I thought I’d post about it!

This lamp has a 360 degree touch panel on the base which makes it very easy to control. It has 3 different modes of white light, and a color changing mode that circles through many different shades of RGB. It has 256 color changing LED lights. You can have the lamp circle through the colors, or select a certain one.

The lamp is operated by a wall plug. It lights up my bedroom quite well. I especially think it looks cool when the room is dark, and the colors are changing. This lamp is good in size, it won’t take up too much room and can fit almost anywhere. I really like this and prefer it over my plain old white lamp I used to had, which was much bigger too. If you want to check out this lamp, here is the Amazon link. It is currently on sale for $24.99! Click here to buy the lamp

Thanks agin to Ethan to gifting me this! Hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter here. Have a great day!