Hello everyone! How are you? I’ve had the Amazon Fire TV Stick for about two weeks now so I thought I would talk about how I like it!

On the first day with this TV Stick, I was having trouble with the Alexa Voice Remote. What I would click on the remote wouldn’t make anything actually happen. I changed the batteries and called Amazon twice. They ended up sending me a replacement standard remote (without Alexa Voice) because the new remote was backordered for several months.

After I got everything settled out, I started to really like this device! The user interface is very nice and simple to use. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is best for Prime members because you can watch shows and movies that are on the Prime video service for free! You can play games, use other video services like Netflix, play music, and a bunch of more things.

I installed Kodi on my Fire Stick which allows me to virtually watch any TV show or movie! I might make a separate post going into more detail on that.

Overall, I think the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great streaming stick. I prefer it over the Google Chromecast. If you want to buy one, click this link: All-New Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

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