Hello everyone! How are you? Recently, I purchased 2 Belkin WeMo Switch Smart Plugs. They were 50% off on Amazon for Black Friday so I said why not?

The main reason I got these is to put them in my bedroom to control my two lights. I’ll be able to use the Amazon Echo Dot with these when I got it for Christmas, so it’ll make them even ¬†better!

The setup process was simple but the app crashed a few times on my iPhone which was a bit frustrating but I eventually got both of them set up and connected to my Wi-Fi. The app is as simple as can be. The devices you have set up are in a list with a power button next to each one. Tapping the power button will turn the light on. This is my first encounter with home automation and I like it. Like I said earlier, being able to tell Alexa to turn them on and off will be even easier and quicker.

I really am liking these so far! It’d be nice if there were some 3D Touch options to turn the lights on and off on the app icon. I like how they work with any lights, and that you don’t need certain bulbs.

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