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Recently, I found myself not liking iPhone cases again. I found myself wanting just a skin on my phone for scratch protection! Well, over the Black Friday shopping maddness, I found myself getting a lot of random cases, but one of those cases, would be the perfect “case for going caseless”The case that I found is the Native Union Clic Air case! This case works perfect for anyone who does not like to use a case, but wants just a small amount of protection!
My favorite part about this case, would have to be the camera cutout for the iPhone 7 Plus! This case has a raised camera cutout that wraps around the iPhone camera to protect it from scratches when sitting on a table!

Overall, I am very pleased with this case! I plan to use it on my phone for quite some time, and will continue to report back if I have any problems, or find some new features of this case!
Here are some images of the case:

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