Hello everyone! How are you?

Yesterday, Apple released the all new MacBook Pro! The new MacBook Pro comes with the all new Touch Bar, TouchID, a new design, and much more! The all new Touch Bar is, in my opinion, the greatest new addition to the MacBook Pro! I believe the Touch Bar will allow for so many different opportunities when it comes to using a MacBook Pro! When Apple was showing off the new Touch Bar at the keynote yesterday, I was blown away at all the different things that were able to happen! The TouchBar is replacing the function row of keys, but that is fine with me due to the TouchBar adding all this new functionality!

Another new feature that really excites me about the new MacBook Pro is TouchID! TouchID coming to the Mac is amazing! People are now able to have an extra layer of security when it comes to using a MacBook! Also, now that we have TouchID on the MacBook Pro, I will no longer have to use my phone to authenticate a payment using ApplePay on the Mac! I will not be able to just rest my finger on the TouchID sensor, and pay right there!

Overall, I am very excited for this MacBook Pro and hope to be able to get my hands on one soon! Make sure to let us know your thoughts on the all new MacBook Pro by tweeting us! You can find us on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!