Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, if you have been checking the news you might have seen that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has not been doing so well. The device has went through a recall, sent some people to the hospital, burned some bedside tables, and much more! Just the other day, AT&T, along with all other major retail carriers had halted sales of the device due to the proposed “safe devices” (devices sent out after the recall), were starting to explode once again! Also, on October 5, a Southwest airlines flight had to be canceled due to one of the “safe” Note 7’s heating up and causing smoke to come from the device on the aircraft!

The biggest fall for the device? Samsung has now ended all sales and production of the device. This is actually pretty upsetting as many people were calling this, “The best Android device to date.” Samsung has also asked that if you still own a Note 7, to please power down and return the device!

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was just a flop for the company! I do predict Samsung might release a note Galaxy Note 7s, or something along the lines to maybe regain some traction with its customers who love the Note series!
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